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Using diagnostic methods such as thermal imaging and blower door air-leakage testing, our building analysts can help ensure you make the right investments for your home and budget.

Diagnosing the problems

new england home energy audits main image

An Energy Audit is the first step toward addressing heat loss problems. Our Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified analysts use various diagnostic methods to identify building shell deficiencies, including blower door air leakage testing and infrared imaging.

During our energy audits, we inspect your home for air leakage and thermal bridging issues. This includes exterior walls, foundation walls, ceilings, floors, attics, windows, and doors. Insulation is checked throughout your home for proper installation and quality. We’ll help you figure out what products, like spray foam insulation, are right for your home.

Health and Safety tests are completed to ensure that your home is free of mold, mildew and carbon monoxide. Continual exposure to any one of these substances could result in serious health issues for your family and structural problems for your home. All combustion appliances are tested for unsafe carbon monoxide levels and to see if they draft properly under worst case conditions.

You will receive a detailed report of our findings with emphasis on the most pressing issues and most cost effective solutions. The report includes cost estimates, energy savings projections, and return on investment for recommended improvements.

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